What It’s Like To Be A Tourist In Dublin

On Easter Monday, I went to Dublin on the bus with my parents. We got the bus at half past eight in the morning and it took us around two hours to get there. It was a nice day- cloudy, but dry (thankfully!). The bus dropped is off in O Connel Street and the sun... Continue Reading →


What to Pack for RIAT

For those who aren’t aware, RIAT is an abbreviation for Royal International Air Tattoo. It’s basically the biggest air show in the world and it is happening in England. The show days are from the 24th to the 16th of July. Im going with the Air Cadets who work there. We do things like manning... Continue Reading →

Duke Of Edinburgh Expedition

On the 10th of June 2017, I embarked on my Duke of Edinburgh with three other fellow Air Cadets as we walked along the North Down Coastal Route. On day one, we travelled all the way from a carpark in Donagadee to our campsite in Crawfordsburn. We passed Orlock Point, Groomsport Harbour, Ballymacormick Beach and... Continue Reading →

Belfast Photo Festival 2017

I actually stumbled on this by accident when I was meeting some pals for lunch in the beautiful Mac in Belfast. this is an amazing place- you should all go by the way. it was just in an around the city centre. It's spread out across different parts of the place. I was walking past... Continue Reading →

Poverty: Its NOT a Choice

Let’s get on something straight: poverty is not a choice, however 1 in 4 children and young people live in it and 36% of them live in a working family. The Belfast Youth want to make sure young people’s views are heard on the issues of poverty and this is how they did it: •... Continue Reading →

How to save £££ On Travel

I love travelling. One of my largest expenses is usually getting there and on arrival, getting around. Well, now I don't spend a penny on that. You don't have to either. Here's why/ how: Travel On FOOT As you travel on a bullet train or in a taxi ( or however you like to travel)... Continue Reading →

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